Dream Catchers

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Activity Equipment:


  • Wooden Hoop with small ring for hanging (in your Activity Bag)
  • Needle (in your Activity Bag)
  • Washi Tape
  • Yarn (in your Activity Bag)
  • Felt (in your Activity Bag)
  • Pom pom (in your Activity Bag) or How to make a Pom Pom
  • Feather (in your Activity Bag)
  • Thread
  • Newspaper for stuffing
  • Card


Step 1:

Start by covering the hoop with little pieces of washi tape. They can either tear the tape or use small scissors. Anything goes!


Step 2:

Next chose two colored yarns and wrapped them around the hoop.. Once you’ve  got the hang of it, it only took a few minutes to wrap both yarns tightly. (If the kids wrap too loosely then the yarn will slide. Make sure it’s tight, and if not then pull at it a little in places. Parents you could also use a dot of hot glue gun if necessary.)

Step 3:

Next comes the sewing part.  Draw a heart on paper first then use it as a template.

Step 4:

When threading the needle, double the thread and then tie a knot at the end. This way, the thread will never fall out of the needle. Using a whip stitch, sew both hearts together around the edge leaving a little opening to put in the stuffing



Step 5:

Parents may need to help to sew the heart closed.


Step 6:

Next make a pom pom and attach or use the one provided in your craft kits.

How to make a Pom Pom


Step 7:

The last step was the most fun – putting it all together! Cut three pieces of string or thread; one for the pom-pom and one for the heart and one for the feather. Then string beads on some of the strings. Old buttons also work. Then tie them onto the hoop at varying lengths. Use the small ring at the top to thread wool through or colored wire.

Its ready to hang up and catch those bad dreams!

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