Nature Lanterns

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Activity Equipment:


  • Tissue paper: (in your Activity Bag) You can try any colour, but we used white.
  • Glue– We used crafting glue.
  • Flowers- Try bouquet flowers if they are currently out of season. Or you can buy pressed flowers! There are many different pressed flower combinations so check out the different options!
  • Balloons (in your Activity Bag)
  • Paint brush
  • Jars or something to place your lanterns in when they are drying.
  • Flameless Tea Light


Step 1:

You have several choices here:

  • Purchase flowers from a bouquet. Single layer petal flowers work the best when pressing flowers!
  • Pick flowers from your garden. Check with a Adult first!

If you purchase or pick flowers, place them between 2 pieces of wax paper in a book and close the book. Place a couple more heavy books on top and check back in a couple of weeks.

Step 2:

Mix your glue mixture with equal parts water and glue. I used a half a bottle of glue and eyeballed the same amount of water.

Now set up your work area. Make sure you protect your work surface because this activity is pretty messy! This is what is pictured below:

  • little rectangles of tissue paper
  • glue mixture
  • water and sponge paintbrush
  • pressed pieces of nature
  • balloon placed in jar

Step 3:

For the first layer of covering, we just used plain water without glue.

We dipped the tissue paper right in the water and started a single layer without glue.

This will ensure that the balloon will peel off the inner layer of tissue paper when you pop it later!
This doesn’t need to be perfect, just enjoy this messy and fun process!


Step 4:

Now add another layer of tissue paper, but this time you will want to add the glue mixture on top of the first layer of tissue. You can start to add flowers after you have your second complete layer of tissue paper on your balloon. You can even add depth to your lantern, by adding more tissue over the flowers. You can also choose to brush the flowers with the glue mixture, leaving them as the top layer of your lantern.

You will want four layers of tissue paper at most, but we stopped at three layers to allow for more light to shine through the lanterns. Take the time to flatten the tissue paper as you go.


Step 5:

Let them dry.

You will have a bit of a drippy gluey mess, but it will all dry clear. I set my lanterns in a jar, so they could dry evenly. Once the tops were dried, I took them out of the jar to make sure the bottoms of the lanterns were 100% dry before I popped them. It took about 4 hours for them to dry completely.


Step 6:

Pop the balloons

Once the lanterns are dried, you will want to draw a line to help you cut an even line later. I used the jar lid to help me draw an even line. Then you can pop the balloon. The balloon should quickly shrivel up and fall out of the balloon. This is pretty fun to watch!

Now you can cut the excess paper mache at the bottom of the lantern, so you have a nice even top.

Now you can carefully dent in the bottom of the lantern, so it will sit evenly on whatever surface you choose.

At this point, you can put the flameless tea lights in your lanterns and set them up in your home. Kids will be drawn to the warm glow and it brings a calming element to your home.

If you flip them over, they look like eggs! Just gently pop out that dent and you have a cute egg shape.  This is the perfect Easter decoration.



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