Sun Catchers

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Activity Equipment:


  • Construction paper (in your Activity Bag) (any color is fine, we used black just to make the colors easier to see)
  • Sticky Back Plastic  (in your Activity Bag)
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper in rainbow colours (in your Activity Bag)

Step 1:

Now, to get started, you need to fold your construction paper in half and cut a half rainbow shape (you want to unfold it and have a rainbow shape).

Go ahead and leave it folded for the next step! 

Step 2:

Start cutting out your stripes from the folded edge.  You’ll want to start cutting from the top of the rainbow and when you get to the bottom, cut the stripe out as in the picture below but leave the bottom of the rainbow uncut.

Repeat that last step 6 times, leaving space in between each stripe, until your rainbow shape is complete.

Step 3:

Next, open up your rainbow and lay it down on the sticky side of a sheet of contact paper.  (Quick tip: You may want some help with this step since those stripes have a mind of their own!)


Step 4:

For the tissue paper, you can either cut it into squares ahead of time or rip the paper into pieces 

Once you have your tissue squares, just start sticking them onto the rainbow.  The contact paper will hold them all!

Believe me, it won’t take you long at all before it starts to resemble a real rainbow!

We experimented a little with the orange to see if we could make the color by combining 2 others.  Unfortunately, that does make the paper a little thicker and harder to see so we didn’t continue with that.

Step 5:

There you go!  You can cut it out if you like or display as is 🙂

Just hang it on a window where it will catch the sun and enjoy your little bit of spring!



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