Wooden Wind-chimes

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Activity Equipment:


  • Piece of wood (in your Activity Bag)
  • Beads – lots (in your Activity Bag)
  • Wool – 4 lengths (in your Activity Bag)
  • Bells – 3 (in your Activity Bag)
  • Scissors



  1. Tie one piece of wool to the middle of the wood 
  2. Thread beads onto the wool.  When you are happy with the number of beads on it, knot the end of the wool to a bell to stop the beads from falling off 
  3. Tie the second length of wool to the wood but not to close to the first piece 
  4. Add beads to this piece of wool and remember to tie on the bell 
  5. Tie the third length of wool to the wood on the other side of the middle piece and add your beads and bell
  6. Use the forth piece of wool to hang your wind chime up by tying each end of the wool to each end of the wood



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